What do I have to do to enter the CAR?

To enter the CAR permanently you must be a federated athlete and be granted a scholarship by the appropriate federation or entity. In addition, the federation must have a training group at the CAR. The CAR does not grant such scholarships.

Is there a minimum age to enter the CAR?

The minimum age to enter the CAR is 14 years. There have been exceptions, but specific cases have always been individually considered.

Who can study at the institute CAR institute?

Access is restricted to athletes who train at the CAR for compulsory secondary education (ESO) and high school studies. As for vocational studies and sports special system education, access is open to all students, following the same criteria as any institute in Catalonia.

When is the residence tutor available?

The CAR residence has two tutors. The night tutor is always at the CAR from 19 h until 9 am the next day, every day of the year. As to the other tutor, he is available on weekdays during central office business hours (from 9 am to 14 h and 15 h to 17.30 h)

If I wish to visit the CAR, what steps must I take?

The number of visits to the Centre is limited, because many visits would affect daily training activity. Shall you be very interested, please send a mail to the Customer Officer ( He would contact you to inform about the options.

What distance are we from Barcelona airport?

The CAR is located to 30 Km from the airport of Barcelona. The time you will spend to arrive to the Centre is 25 minutes by car or taxi, and 90 minutes with the combination by Aerbus and Train.

How can I get there by car?

The CAR is situated in Sant Cugat del Vallès next to the AP-7 motorway. It is connected to Barcelona by three motorways: the AP-7, Barcelona exit on the Diagonal, the AP-2, exit on the Meridiana, and the Vallvidrera Tunnels ( exit 12/13A ). The AP-7 is directly linked to the airport.


Does CAR have its own shuttle from the airport?

Our Centre doesn’t have its own shuttle from the airport but if you need any transport from the airport we can manage your request.

What can we do in our free time?

Barcelona city is just 25 minutes from our facilities by train. An international city which offers many cultural and leisure activities. You can find all the necessary information in Turismo de Barcelona.