Fisioterapia Centro de Alto Rendimiento


The CAR Department of Sport Physiotherapy is composed of a team of sports physiotherapists with extensive experience in the field of top athletes’ recovery.

Its objective is the recovery of injured athletes, focusing on getting proper rehabilitation to sport for the athlete to return to sports and pace of training under optimum conditions. Still, prevention is also one of the main objectives of the department, which uses therapies and technologies applied to high performance to minimize the risk of injury.

The recovery of the athlete is a multidisciplinary task to be performed by a team. Therefore, the physiotherapists maintain constant contact with the coaches, trainers, doctors, biomechanics, psychologists and physiologists, among other professionals.

Services and tasks of the Department of Physiotherapy: 

  • Manual techniques (massage therapy, manual therapy and stretching).
  • Thermotherapy as well as antalgic and anti-inflammatory electrotherapy.
  • Recovery from lumbar spine pathologies with Medx system.
  • Muscular re-education with isokinetic machine Byodex.
  • Functional bandage.
  • Kinesitherapy and rehabilitation to regular physical activity.
  • Injury prevention protocols.
  • Post physical effort recovery.
  • Sauna.
  • Spa.