Residency is a basic CAR’s tool. To facilitate the athletes combine all their activity, the CAR hosts at its facilities the athletes coming from outside. In addition, the CAR residency also allows a stay to sports concentrations and to athletes who wish to stay at the CAR occasionally. This service provides:

  • 325 places in residence, in double or quadruple rooms with bath (phone) and in 8 or 12 places bungalows.
  • Separate services: breakfast, lunch, dinner and full/half board.

Services offered by the residency tutors:

  • Support process to get the CAR style life.
  • Allocation, distribution and control of inmates’ rooms.
  • Support to the athletes.
  • Internal follow-up of the support classes.
  • Personalized attention to families and coaches.

Academic support:

  • Academic monitoring of the athletes.
  • Support to athletes with their time management.
  • Study rooms.
  • Support classes and courses.