The integral education of the athlete is a fundamental objective of the CAR since the beginning. It is in this context that educational services acquire their vital importance.

Studies offered by CAR’s Institute (INS):

Compulsory secondary education (ESO in catalan): only for CAR’s athletes.

  • First cycle – 1st and 2nd years of ESO
  • Second cycle – 3rd and 4t years of ESO

High School: only for CAR’s athletes.

  • First and second year of high school.

Vocational training: for CAR’s athletes and external students.

  • Middle-level educational cycle in ‘Driving Sports and Physical Activities in the Natural Environment‘. These studies deliver the necessary level to safely guide walking, bicycle tours and horse rides customers through mountain paths and areas that do not require climbing or mountaineering techniques, achieving customer satisfaction and quality level within price limits.
  • Higher degree educational cycle in ‘Physical Activities and Sports Recreation’. Learning and dynamising games, individual and team recreational physical and sports activities, as well as basic fitness activities and adapting them to environmental and participants’ characteristics to achieve user satisfaction and a competitive level of quality within price limits.

Sports Special System Education: for CAR’s and external students.

  • Mountain sports and climbing: 1st and 2n level of medium grade.
  • Football: medium and higher grades.
  • Futsal: medium and higher grades.
  • Alpine Skiing: medium and higher grades.

Contact: iescar@ies.car.edu