Centro de Alto Rendimiento Barcelona


The High Performance Sports Centre of Catalonia (CAR) is an organization to support the sport to be competitive at international level by optimizing highest technical and scientific quality resources. To this end, the CAR has the necessary means for the integral training of athletes and it invites society to benefit from knowledge generated by its activities.

The CAR considers academic and personal development of each person as equal as or more important than the strictly sportive. Therefore, the CAR offers its athletes the tools necessary for their educational development. CAR’s athletes can attend high school and compulsory secondary education (ESO) classes at the institute located in CAR’s facilities, and be taught by highly qualified teachers.

The CAR is a public-law entity regulated in Chapter III of Law 4/85, of 29 March, created by Law 13/88, of 31 December (Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC) 1088), with juridical personality, acting as a commercial company and enjoying organizational autonomy. The CAR is attached to the General Secretary of Sport of the Catalan Government – a General Secretary which has a financing agreement with Spanish Sports Council.