Dual Career encapsulates the requirement for athletes to successfully initiate, develop and finalize an elite sporting career as part of a lifelong career, in combination, with the pursuit of education (or work). Priority to give tools and alternatives to make compatible sport and education (or work).

The CAR considers the academic and humane training of each individual just as, or more important, than the sports training. With this as a priority, the CAR gives athletes all the necessary help needed for their educational development.

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The Dual Careers for Mental Health (DC4MH) project is part of the Erasmus + program, an European-wide project, and will run for two years, until the end of 2022.

DC4MH aims to optimize mental health services within European dual-career organizations. More specifically, the goal is to develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based mental health promotion recommendations and tools.

The consortium is coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and brings together 28 experts in mental health and dual careers representing 10 organizations from 6 member states (Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden).

The national partners are the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  (UAB), the High Performance Sports Center of Sant Cugat (CAR). Susana Regüela and Xavier Balius represent the CAR in this project. On behalf of the UAB, Miquel Torregrossa, and Yago Ramis, contribute from the most theoretical, methodological and application aspects of dual careers.

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WE_CARE (With Establishment of national Care and development centers we support elite Athletes in balancing their sports and education / employment REsults) responds to the priorities of the partnership program for the Promotion of Education through sport, with a special focus on skills development, and also supporting the implementation of the EU Dual Career Guidelines for Athletes.

Participants come from institutions in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Iceland, the United States. Norway and, on behalf of Catalonia, the CAR and the INEFC.

The overall goal is to establish a National Center for Athletic Attention and Development (NACDC) in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia in order to provide dual career support services for elite athletes in these countries. The services will be provided to elite athletes recognized by the national Olympic committees of the respective countries (in the future also for talented athletes) by university professionals on a voluntary basis.

All this with the aim of promoting EU guidelines on the dual career of athletes with a special focus on Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia; to favor a longer duration of the coexistence of the sport and educational / labor race by means of the participation in programs and by means of the use of support services provided by the National Centers of Attention and Athletic Development; to promote and raise awareness among elite athletes about the benefits and importance of balancing sport and education or employment in today’s healthy and productive life; significantly improve the current dual professional development environments in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, adopting existing good practices and experience in Catalonia and the EU; and laying the groundwork for the creation of the National Center for Athletic Care and Development in Iceland.

We_Care Project

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B-WISER (To be a Winner in Sport and Employment before and after Athletic Retirement) is a project in the program Erasmus +, of projects of European field, and will last two years, until final of the 2018.

The aim of this project is to provide to the states members of the EU the data, tools and good practices that allow them improve the occupability and the employment of the sportsmen of elite during the different stages of his career. They take part thirteen partners of six countries, between which there are universities, sportive centers and companies devoted to the field of the employment. This project is led by the Prof. Wylleman Of the ‘Vrije Universiteit Brussel’.

The national partners are the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), the Sportive Centre of High Performance of Sant Cugat (CAR) and Adecco Spain. Represent to the CAR in this project Susana Regüela and Anna Benito, contributing with his knowledge and experience as Advisers of Dual Careers. By  UAB Miquel Torregrossa, Yago Ramies and Anna Jordana, contribute since from the theoretical , methodological and of application of the dual careers.

Projecte B-WISER

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The project GEES (Gold in Education and Elite Sport) aims to connect a pool of 9.400 dual career athletes across 9 European countries with 45 researchers and lead practitioners to define a set of key competences for a successful dual career. The project is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Sport Program.

It involves a consortium of internationally renowned dual career researchers and practitioners. Nine countries from the North, East, South and West of Europe contribute through institutions such as Universities, Sports Institutes or National Olympic Committees.

The aim of GEES is to boost athletes’ employability through the optimization of their competences and the development of the services supporting them.

GEES Handbook