Centro de Alto Rendimiento Barcelona

Sports Career Support Unit

The Sports Career Support Unit is the service area to support CAR athletes’ conviviality and education. Our mission is to facilitate Athlete’s Integral Education (FIES in catalan) during their sport stay at our centre, and to ensure their follow-up once they leave the CAR.

Coordination of this area with trainers and interdisciplinary groups for their activities are integrated in the sports career in the short-, mid- and long terms.

The objectives are:

  • Empowering with instrumental, specific and transversal competencies.
  • Supporting the athlete in creating their personal, educational and professional project.
  • Facilitating athlete’s transitions through the different fields of development (sports, education, working and retirement).

In order to achieve these objectives, this unit coordinates three departments: Residency, Institute and the Athlete Support Service (SAE).