Medicina Centro de Alto Rendimiento


Top athletes needs advice and assistance in various aspects related to their own bodies and health. Therefore, different professional experts of the CAR medical service are available to athletes and technicians to assist them in an orderly and planned manner throughout the whole season, in addition to handle unexpected illnesses and injuries that may affect the health of the athlete.

The Department of Medicine focuses its activity in a multidisciplinary way. It has professional experts in addressing health issues in sports, and also works in coordination with other experts in sports science. Medical services collaborate, together with the trainers and coaches, with the Catalan Health Service (Servei Català de la Salut) through the Terrassa Health Consortium (Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa), of which they also form part. On the other hand, it participates in several research, innovation and training projects, together with other prestigious centres worldwide.

Tasks of the Medical Department:

  • Health check-up. At every new season a basic check-up is compulsory. It includes anamnesis, physical examination, electrocardiogram, blood test, echocardiography (first revision and, if necessary, annual control), as well as PPD test.
  • Scheduled and emergency medical assistance.
  • Medical monitoring of the pathologies of athletes during the season.
  • Health education (counselling on issues of doping, hygiene and lifestyle habits; teaching on health in collaboration with the Institute).
  • Vaccines.
  • Effort recovery.

Services and tests carried out by the Medical Department:

  • Test and work to enhance lumbar muscles with Medx system.
  • Isokinetic test and work.
  • Measuring of compartmental pressures.
  • Growth studies.
  • Muscle-tendon sonographic study.
  • Scheduled and emergency surgery.
  • Internal consultations with other specialists.
  • Complementary explorations.

Nursing treatments:

  • Assistance and support for medical and podiatric visits.
  • Administration and management of prescribed medication.
  • Laboratory tests.
  • Health education.