Master in High Performance Leadership (MLAR in catalan)

The CAR and the EADA Business School of Barcelona maintained a collaboration agreement since 2013 with the aim of facilitating the training and work insertion of the high performance athletes. Within this agreement, moreover, both share a joint project: the Master in High Performance Leadership (MLAR in catalan).

The success and impact of a professional, whether a manager or an athlete, depends not only on their talent and spirit. Several scientific studies confirm the importance of health, balance and resilience as an essential condition for a high and sustainable performance.

High performance leadership is a function of many factors, physiological, psychological, social, organizational, economic and cultural. This combination of elements requires a holistic approach to be developed and participate fully in a personalized accompaniment process that allows to discover, harmonize and enhance all these factors and put them at the service of superior performance.

The Master in High Performance Leadership is a pioneering program, fruit of the collaboration between EADA Business School and the High Performance Center (CAR Sant Cugat), which brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for leaders.

CAR’Speakers project with Synergie

The CAR’Speakers project is a training program with a main goal: applying the experience of elite athletes to the business sector. These two sectors have many similarities and values and talent management are fundamental pillars. The project, sponsored by the human resources company Synergie Spain and the CAR of Sant Cugat, is focused on giving the chance to find a new professional opportunity to high performance athletes.

This partnership between CAR and Synergie Spain started in the latest edition of CAR’Speakers in 2017 at the High Performance Center located in Sant Cugat del Vallès. The unifying thread of the program was talking about the values, which are the same in companies than in sports. It was led by seven olympic athletes: the paralympic swimmer Carla Casals, the marcher Raquel González, the gymnast Esther Escolar, the height jumper Miguel Ángel Sancho, and the hockey team players Quico Cortés, Pau Quemada and Miki Delas.

The CAR´Speakers program met more than 70 HR managers from different companies with subsidiaries in Catalonia and its motto was: “The journey of leading by values “. This motto concerned the way of working day by day through values such as passion, commitment or teamwork. These values are found in the high performance athletes and consequently they can take part of several projects inside companies.

The athletes explained their own experiences in their professional careers during the event. Paralympic swimmer Carla Casals said about her vision issues: “I thought that sport had forced me to face complicated situations, but it was a way to prepare myself for the most complicated situation of my life”. Each of the speakers shared both good and not so good experiences.

This innovative, adaptable to all sizes and types of companies format is the best to meet the training needs of executives, middle managers and employees who wish to improve with the values of sport: leadership skills, teamwork or crisis management, among many others.