Natación Centro de Alto Rendimiento


The Department of Psychology supports CAR’s athletes offering orientation servicesto them to improve their performance.


  • Optimization when facing high performance situations (competition), the objective of this service is teaching the athletes how to properly behave in competition situations.
  • Motivation management -the athlete is taught how to manage their resources in order to facilitate the achievement of their goals.
  • Facilitate learning – this service seeks to accelerate the process of learning performance-related resources.
  • The adjustment to the hig performance life style in the Centre.

Besides psychological advising where coaches are advised in order to improve the efficiency of their actions.

In the health are of action, the Department of Psychology carries out an evaluation of the athletes for:

  • To foresee the difficulties of adjustment to the Center that the ahtletes could present.
  • To estimate the possibility of appearance of psychological or conduct disorder.

In the considered cases of risk the Department of Psychology carries out a coordinated follow-up with the different instances of the Center that they care both for the health and for the educatiom of the athletes.