Biomechanics can be easily described as “Physics of Sports”. Is included into the sport’s applied sciences and pretends to improve the athlete’s performance by taking profit of the knowledge of physical mechanics.

On one side, tries to analyze the forces acting during execution of a sport’s skill (dynamics) and evaluate its result (kinematics). On the other, aims to re-model technique by changing the movement’s mechanical characteristics, by optimizing the skill and improving its efficiency (better management of effort) and/or efficacy (reaching a better result).

Biomechanics’ assistance can be done under controlled lab conditions, at the training session (gymnasium, pool, track, etc.) or at the real competition site.


  • Offer support to coaches and athletes for the optimization of the sport’s technique applying the knowledge bases of physic mechanics.
  • Accelerate and facilitate the skill learning process towards an improvement of sport’s performance.
  • Movement analysis for the early detection of risk factors and the study of sport’s injuring mechanisms.

Technology / Equipment

  • 3D Analysis System (8 infrared cameras)
  • Force Platforms
  • Under & Above water videography on aquatic sports (swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo)
  • Inertial Sensors
  • SRM cycling ergometer
  • Radar for ball’s speed measurement
  • High Speed cameras
  • Photocells and infrared LED arrays
  • Contact Platforms