Wimu Testing Day on the ahtletics track

The biomechanics department of CAR made last week tests with the Wimu system of RealTrackSystems, along with the speed and pole groups, in the athletics track.

Wimu is an small device that the athletes can wear during training or competition, and allows the technicians to obtain very varied information on parameters related to sports performance such as speed, acceleration, impacts of athletes in jumps and falls or even the tactical disposition through geolocation. Also it allows you to store data from any device that communicates with the Ant + technology, such as pulsometers, potentiometers, etc …

The new device that was tested last week in CAR, introduces improvements in size (it is even smaller than the previous one, which had already been used in the Center) and uses ultra wideband technology, which allows to increase the reliability of the positioning of the athletes in the playing field or training track in both indoor and outdoor, thus opening a new way of following the athletes on the track, improving the GPS features. This improvement is especially interesting in athletics disciplines such as speed races and jumps, due to the high accelerations that occur.

These tests were attended by representatives of the Finnish High Performance Center of Pajulathi, leaded by its director, Mikko Levola, who were visiting CAR to find out about our services and facilities, especially scientists and technology, for future collaborations between the two centers.

Mark Ujakpor Samuel Garcia
The athletes of CAR speed group during the event with Wimu