INSTALACIONES NATACIÓN Centro de Alto Rendimiento Barcelona

Athletes’ comprehensive training

The ahtletes’ comprehensive training is a fundamental objective of the CAR since its creation. We take care of the athlete in all aspects: their training, their rest and food, their physical and emotional health, their education, their live and career transitions, and also their retire.

Around every athlete there is a interidisciplinary team, where technicians from different fields are present (eg, tutor, doctor, physiologist ….) to follow closely their evolution and needs. The athletes who also live in the CAR’s have a team of tutors who are responsible for their welfare, with special care for those who are minors.

Studies of athletes have been a priority from the beginning. The CAR Sant Cugat was one of the first centers in the world which included a high school within its premises, with flexible schedule that allows to combine studies with high level training. The academic training of the athlete, his transitions throughout life and employment are the subject of attention, both while studying in the CAR as INS when they jump out at schools or universities. This is called dual career, an area in which the CAR has participated and participates in several European projects.