Start of the CAR Off Balance project with the installation of a gyroscope

Last week, a gyroscope was installed in the CAR, with which the project called CAR Off Balance can be started.

The gyroscope is a tool used by NASA for adaptation to weightlessness, and also, medically, in neurology. In the field of sports, although there are some gyroscopes (for example, in the center of Red Bull, Austria), there are few references to studies.

The newest part of the CAR Off Balance project is the desire to do measurable work with the gyroscope, for which the first thing to do will be to start tests and tests, with athletes of different modalities, which allow to define a system of training and assessment of perceptual abilities and oriented in three types of complementary areas: proprioceptive (referring to balance), visual and vestibular (in relation to spatial references).

The acquisition of a gyroscope will give professionals the opportunity to explore new areas in different sports fields, working in a space with no risk to the athlete.

Therefore, this project, now a reality, promoted by the Department of Physical Preparation of the CAR, and initially led by Óscar Escalante, will consist of the creation of a specific space for perceptual and space-time work where, through a multidisciplinary team (physical preparation, biomechanics, physiology, psychology, medicine), is expected to provide great benefits to sports and activities that involve aerial phases and / or rotational movements, turns, acceleration and deceleration, imbalances and loss of references, risk of falls … etc.

It is a pioneering project that is expected to be a great improvement for these sports, also working in a low risk environment.

The CAR physical training team with the gyroscope